Suoqin Jin, Postdoctoral Scholar

My interest in systems biology led me to the Nie lab at UC Irvine for postdoctoral research in August 2016. I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2016 at Wuhan University in China, where I worked with Prof. Xiufen Zou on computational systems biology and network biology. My dissertation is entitled "Mathematical modeling, optimization and control of networks of complex diseases".

A systems biology approach has recently emerged as a powerful tool for understanding complex biological systems. This broad area underpins many of my research interests. My research interests lie in Computational Systems Biology, Scientific Computing and Network Science. The primary goal of my research is to combine tools from mathematical modeling, complex network, bioinformatics, dynamical system theory, optimization theory and control theory to address critical scientific questions regarding various biological processes such as complex diseases and development. Nowadays, single-cell transcriptomics provides us unprecedented opportunity to understand the transcriptional stochasticity and cellular heterogeneity in great detail, which are crucial for maintaining cell functions and for facilitating disease progression or treatment response. Such stochasticity and heterogeneity are always masked in bulk-cell studies. I am particularly interested in seeking new ways to analyze the single-cell data at the present stage.

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