Seth Figueroa, PhD Student

I am a doctoral candidate in the Biomedical Engineering Department at UCI. My research focuses on using a systems-level approach to study pattern formation and growth regulation during tissue development. Development and maintenance of a tissue requires cellular behavior to be precisely timed and spatially coordinated to ensure proper function. Often the mechanisms used are complex and span multiple scales, from the spatial distribution of diffusible signaling molecules, to cell growth and differentiation, to the final form and function of the tissue. I develop and use mathematical models to explore these multi-scale mechanisms and understand their role in tissue morphogenesis. My current projects include studying the stem cell niche and extra cellular feedback mechanisms on patterning, growth, and diseases in stratified epithelia. The role of both reaction-diffusion and positional information modules on the form and function of bilateral feathers in aves. The mechanisms underlying the temporal and spatial identity of cells in early craniofacial development of zebrafish.


I received a BSE in Biomedical Engineering and a BS in Mathematics at Tulane University (graduating in 2011 with Honors). I Joined the Nie Lab in 2012 after completing the Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology program at UCI. Outside of research I enjoy keeping active by playing rugby, traveling, and exploring new cities.