Chris Rackauckas, PhD Student

I am an applied mathematician studying for my doctoral degree in mathematics at UC Irvine through the Mathematical, Computational, and Systems Biology (MCSB) Gateway Program. I previously studied at Oberlin College where I earned a B.A. in mathematics with minors in physics, computer science, and economics. My research interest is the study of randomness in complex systems: how do the numerous quasi-random interactions of many separate processes create emergent behavior in larger systems? This has led me to research which has spanned areas such as climate science, chemistry, econometrics, evolutionary biology, theoretical physics, and environmental statistics.

As noisy signals are prevalent in biology, organisms have developed mechanisms for mitigating and using the noise of these signals. My current interest is the mathematical study of how biological organisms use signaling pathways to mitigate the randomness in the biochemical interactions, and how they use this stochasticity to their advantage. Due to the computational complexity of the simulations required in this field, I am thoroughly engaged in software development and the algorithmic issues dealing with high performance/scientific computing. Check out my blog, StochasticLifestyle, for information on scientific computing and data science in Julia. For a package which implements many fast and accurate solvers of various forms of (stochastic) differential equations, check out DifferentialEquations.jl. For more information on my research interests, work experience, and skill set, please see my CV.

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