Catherine Ha Ta, PhD Student

I am currently pursuing the PhD program in Applied Mathematics at UC Irvine. I am in the sixth year of the program and expecting to graduate by the end of summer 2017. I am both a student and an alumnus at UCI, having obtained my BS in Mathematics from the same institution.

During my 5 years in the PhD program, I have worked on several projects. My first project involves making an expansion upon an existing class of numerical methods to incorporate stochastic effects and subsequently developing a new class of numerical methods to solve stochastic reaction-diffusion systems with stiffness specifically on the reaction term. My second project is a collaboration between Dr. Nie’s and Dr. Xing Dai’s labs to construct and simulate a mathematical model for the EMT process, which then helps shed light on how this network is regulated as well as the roles of its key factors. Currently, I am working on a single-cell model with division that integrates the EMT gene network with a simple ODE system that models the different phenotypic populations along the EMT spectrum.